#2023 - Open Up

Fontys School of Information and Communication Technology

FHICT brings out the best in people and the environment

Our way of development and change

The world, and certainly the ICT world, is changing quickly and dramatically. What the world will look like in a decade’s time is impossible to predict. That means that an ambitious knowledge centre in the area of ICT must especially be flexible. This requires the ongoing involvement and input of our staff: being open to developments and where necessary, being flexible enough to translate those developments into input, which can be used for up-to-date and relevant education and research.

Relying on talent
Fontys ICT has looked beyond the traditional PDCA cycle for some time now. We prefer to rely on the talent of our staff and want to stimulate their talents and help them develop. That is why, in addition to the ‘fixed’ frameworks and ‘strict’ processes of the Deming circle, the IMWR model is the basis for organisational development and maintaining our high level of quality.

IMWR Model
IMWR (Dutch abbreviation) stands for Inspiring (Inspireren), Mobilising (Mobiliseren), Appreciating (Waarderen) and Reflecting (Reflecteren). The model allows for more room to experiment and utilise the enormous diversity of talent that we have. It is thereby a highly motivating way to get people moving and perform successfully.

The creation of this ambtion plan is in itself an example of IMWR. It serves as a first step: Via the vision and eight stated development themes we titillate the awareness and inspire our staff to think about our development paths towards #2023 - OPEN UP.

We will further explore and bolster these develop- ment themes in the time ahead. The initiators will work together with their teams to determine their tactics and actions; or rather, step two: mobilising. Then we will get to work and during this development process we will also have many moments of weighing and reflecting. This will undoubtedly yield many new moments of inspiration and mobilisation.

The IMWR philosophy helps us to constantly improve and innovate our organisation, in a way that suits us best and that we find most valuable.