Development Themes

This website presents the eight new development themes which will help FHICT become a knowledge centre. This is not a plan. This is a point of departure for an unchartered journey towards an ambitious spot on the horizon.

Our development themes for #2023 start without defined objectives. To be honest, we’re not really big fans of those. Objectives are fixed and in the fast changing world of ICT, can easily become outdated. What’s more, we can utilise the necessary professional space without a SMART agenda but with a clear ambition and need to excel.

This year we will further explore the development themes and will compare them to the Fontys ambitions for 2020, whereby we see many parallels with ‘TEC for Society’. We will also focus on the correlation between the themes so that they will enhance and support each another. This exploration will lead us to our approach which we will shape in the years to come.

The road to #2023 promises to be a fascinating one!