Digital Excellence

Development Theme
Technology is everywhere these days and is becoming a larger part of our lives. ICT is playing a crucial role in this, as the connector between hardware components, as data collector and analyser and as interface between man and machine.

Testing Ground
​​​​​​As a knowledge centre, Fontys ICT wants to be the forerunner when it comes to implementing ICT technology in our own programmes and research. In this regard, Fontys ICT is the testing ground for digital environments and instruments that make education richer, more flexible and more personal. The implementation of ICT is also aimed at creating a close-knit community, because the processes support it, such as learning from each other, collaborating and exchanging knowledge. It is also a source of research. Examples include privacy, ethics and data analysis. As a testing ground, Fontys ICT contributes to the Digital Transformation in the region based on our own knowledge development and experience.

What next?
​​​​​​At Fontys ICT, we work in various areas on the implementation of ICT technology in our own processes. These past years, we have particularly focused on TEL, Technology Enhanced Learning, and we want to broaden this in the coming period. This means we will have to develop instruments that are focused on smartly supporting the processes and achieving the targets sooner. Some of these processes include: research, learning, presentation, organisation, monitoring, collaborating and weighing (valuing). We do this by building on existing platforms, such as Canvas, and we will develop new platforms, apps and interfaces. In this, the collaboration with EdTech partners is essential.

Recently, the brochure "After 1 year of exploration, ambition theme Digital Excellence" has been published. 

Download the brochure (PDF)

Project Manager
Merel Veracx
Merel Veracx
Strategic Advisory Board

From the Strategic Advisory Board, Hank van der Put is involved in Digital Excellence.

Hank van der Put
Hank van der Put

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