Global Acting

Development Theme
ICT is an international field. In the Brainport region alone we already work with talents from all over the world on all the challenges facing the ‘smartest region’. It is very likely that a starting ICT professional will arrive in a multi-cultural environment.

More and more employers are expressly demanding international experience. Thanks to globalisation, our graduates are also coming into contact with intercultural collaboration on the Dutch job market.

Intercultural Awareness
​​​​​​The development of intercultural awareness is essential for functioning in a future job and is enriching for students and colleagues. They can learn so much from another culture’s perspective. Experiencing diversity is a part of modern citizenship and corresponds with the worldwide Sustainable Development Goals. Research has shown that acquiring international experience makes people better problem solvers, that they become more creative and entrepreneurial and have a bigger chance of finding a job and being promoted.

What next?
Fontys ICT has for some time now been active in the area of Internationalisation. We have our successful English Stream, among others and increasingly more students are going abroad for a shorter or longer period during their study. We have also focused on internationalisation@home: bringing Dutch students in contact with foreign students via various projects.

We still want to add a number of elements to the international activities.

  • More international research
  • More collaboration with programmes and knowledge institutes worldwide
  • More international internships
  • A greater participation in international activities for staff members
  • Actively connecting students from divergent nationalities and cultures

Expanding our international position is key in this. We want to be seen, recognised and acknowledged by universities, high schools, knowledge institutes and professionals abroad. It is also important to have a good mix of countries and cultures to work with.

Project Manager
Ineke Huyskens
Ineke Huyskens

Coordinator of Internationalisation and Project Manager Global Acting

In the media
Global Acting - in the media
Learning from and with other cultures

Open and internationally oriented. That is the idea that prevails about the Netherlands in general and the Brainport region of Brabant in particular.

Strategic Advisory Board

From the Strategic Advisory Board, Nijs Blokland is involved in Global Acting.

Nijs Blokland
Nijs Blokland

Directeur Nice Perspectives