Development Theme
When transitioning from an educational facility to a knowledge centre, good profiling is key. We, our prospective students, guest lecturers and partners must start to define, acknowledge, recognise and weigh our new role. That means we must clearly show who we are, what we stand for and what results we have booked.

Dynamic learning and research environment
FHICT is an innovative and quickly evolving organisation. We are constantly looking for ways to enrich our educational programme with new technology and research to make it more personal and flexible. We will not hesitate to experiment with new technology, new work methods, new curriculums and collaborations. We do this while staying in close contact with the world around us: students, the job market, peer knowledge institutions and the society in which we find ourselves.

This creates a dynamic learning and research environment in which talent can outline its own learning path and develop optimally. An environment that is also open to everyone who would like have access to it. This is what truly distinguishes us.

What next?
In the time ahead we will examine our profiling, positioning and the branding that is derived from these. We will reconsider our values and core messages and we will define our new identity. We will look for ways to effectively express this to all our stakeholders.