Impact on

Impact on Society

Development Theme
The Fontys ICT of tomorrow is at the heart of society. More than ever before, it will look to connect with society.

Research and education is not only intended for the training of valuable professionals, is must also be meaningful for society. That is why we also research current and societal themes from an ICT perspective.

Motivator for students, teachers and professionals
Today’s young professional wants to do more than just make money and build status. He or she wants to contribute to a better world. The omnipresence of information results in us knowing more about the world’s problems than ever before. Choosing an environment that combines personal growth and contributing to a better world is an attractive motivator for prospective students. Realising societal impact is therefore a key selection criterium for students, professionals and colleagues who want to work for an employer who is socially responsible.

Utilising our influence for positive change
Big Data, Internet of Things, Quantified Self, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security... ICT touches on processes that people have to work with and this influence is only growing. Fontys ICT has the ambition to help people (students, employees and professionals) to develop their ICT knowledge and implement it for positive change in society.

What next?
In the coming years, Fontys ICT will closely examine its role in society. Together with Partners in Education, Partners in Innovation, peer schools and organisations, we will develop current and relevant subjects for education and research. We allow teachers and students to find their own way of how they want to influence these societal themes.

Project Manager
Danny Bloks
Danny Bloks
In the media
Bit by bit to a better world

ICT is becoming more and more human-driven. We need our social compass so that it is not technology that determines us, but ourselves.

Strategic Advisory Board

From the Strategic Advisory Board Alexander Baas, Tessy van Stuijvenberg and Marcel Thaens are involved in Impact on Society.

Tessy van Stuijvenberg
Tessy van Stuijvenberg

VP Sector Lead CGI