Innovation Hub(s)

Development Theme
An Innovation Hub is a place where something new is created. There is room to experiment and thoroughly explore all possible ideas in order to eventually arrive at new combinations and innovations.

A good Innovation Hub should also be designed to stimulate the coincidental meeting between people with specific knowledge and skills. This coincidental meeting could produce surprising and new insights, products and business models. An Innovation Hub should exude the spirit of entrepreneurship. People learn there a lot and in a fast pace from eachother and work together in a driven way to realise ideas.

Learning outside your comfort zone
The Innovation Hub is a valuable environment for FHICT because it brings supply and demand together at an early stage, because it offers entrepreneurial students the opportunity to research their talents and grow, and because it yields completely new knowledge outside the ‘comfort zone’ of a course programme or discipline.

What next?
FHICT is going to create external Innovation Hubs. The first is already being built. Under the name: Fontys ICT InnovationLab, this hub is situated on Strijp T, an environment with a powerful heritage in industry and entrepreneurship and a strong presence of the creative industry. This gives it atmosphere, functionality and starting points to become a real innovation environment. Here, start-ups are born and questions and market models are explored. Innovation Hubs give a positive impulse for Knowledge Transfer.

Project Manager
Suzanne van Kuijk
Suzanne van Kuijk
In the media
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The air must be vibrating with inspiration here!

Strategic Advisory Board

From the Strategic Advisory Board Alex Otten and Maurice van Veghel are involved in Innovation Hubs.

Alex Otten
Alex Otten

Managing director | co-owner We Are You

Maurice van Veghel
Maurice van Veghel

IT director and CIO Sligro Food Group

Martin Hundepool
Martin Hundepool

Manager Atos Technology Lab Eindhoven