Knowledge Transfer

Development Theme
'Lifelong development’ is now more relevant than ever before. The world, and certainly ICT world, is changing quickly and dramatically. Knowledge only has a limited shelf life and therefore a different value than it once had. It means that professionals have to constantly keep working at their professional development.

Opening doors
​​​​​​As a knowledge centre, Fontys ICT wants to open the doors wide to all (prospective) professionals for whom ICT developments are essential. Certainly also for professionals who have already been working in ICT for years. By offering knowledge in varied and accessible ways at any given moment - physically or virtually - spending time in our knowledge centre to acquire knowledge and skills in specific areas. In doing so, we also want to take joint action in the research and develop- ment of new products and services. This way, Fontys ICT students (and teachers) together with professionals can assess new ideas and work methods and compare them to daily reality.

What next?
​​​​​​It goes without saying that with the development of professionals, an organisation must facilitate that transfer of knowledge. We already offer diversification in our Associate degree and Bachelor programmes. We also offer part-time and full-time programmes in both Dutch and English. We are going to expand that offering in the time ahead with Master programmes. We will also convert parts of the curriculum to short training sessions, and we will develop training sessions for specific target groups. Those training sessions can take place physically or virtually, via MOOCs, for example. Here, we will also look into the manner of validation, for example, via micro-credentials/open badges (certificates per component). Knowledge transfer shall also take place via practice-oriented research in collaboration with research teams and linked to lectorates.

To ensure the effective transfer of knowledge, we will further expand our intensive collaboration with our network of Partners in Innovation and our international network. Within these networks, we will look for collaborative opportunities that will give our Fontys ICT professionals enough room to develop in a practice-oriented (research) environment. Here, we also see good opportunities for collaboration with other knowledge centres.

The educational programmes will, of course, focus largely on professional skills such as collaborating with professionals in projects and research. Fontys ICT is growing in number of students, faculty and locations. The challenge in this is to make the knowledge within the organisation accessible to all. Together with the lectorates, we will also facilitate the internal knowledge transfer.

Project Manager
Constanze Thomassen
Constanze Thomassen
In the media
Knowledge transfer is the basis of our right to exist

Strategic Advisory Board

From the Strategic Advisory Board Bob Nieme is involved in Knowledge Transfer.

Bob Nieme
Bob Nieme