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Research & Development

Development Theme
The developments in ICT occur at an incredible pace. No one knows what the applications of tomorrow will be. That is why it is important that ICTers (students and professionals) develop into critical professionals who can clearly assess their own performances.

Professionals of the future will look for answers to the world’s problems on their own accord. They already deliver better solutions for future problems and will continue to do so in the future.

Contribute to Digital Transformation
Fontys ICT wants research and research skills to have a permanent prominent role in the development of every student and professional. What’s more, as a knowledge centre we want to contribute to the acceleration of the Digital Transformation in the Brainport and Midpoint regions. This is, indeed, the designated terrain for research collaboration with the business world and the working field of the future for a great majority of our students.

Fontys ICT wants to proactively explore themes that are relevant and challenging for society. Together with our regional and international partners we will look to develop new knowledge and contribute to the application of innovative solutions. An investigative role and research skills play a crucial role in this.

What next?
Fontys ICT wants to expand its research activities. Here, we will focus on applied research. Our research focuses on creating better solutions and products in professional practice: Research & Development. This is how we would like to crawl a little closer to society. By carrying out more research in co-creation with local partners. On the basis of questions that are currently relevant for organisations, and on the basis of (social) themes that we see and explore ourselves. Because ICT knowledge develops internationally, we also see good opportunities to do more research in an international setting, together with foreign knowledge institutions and companies.

Project Manager
Tom Langhorst
Tom Langhorst
In the media
Fontys ICT develops from school to knowledge centre

Compared to other schools, Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT has all the freedom it needs to be innovative, to do exciting things.

Strategic Advisory Board

From the Strategic Advisory Board, Geert Christiaansen and Jakob de Vlieg are involved in Research & Development.

Geert Christiaansen
Geert Christiaansen

Senior Director Design Innovation bij Philips Design

Jakob de Vlieg
Jakob de Vlieg

Hoogleraar Integrative Data Science & Lead AgriFoodTech @ TU/e