Strengths Based

Strengths Based Development

Development Theme
A number of specific skills are involved with the development of an educational facility becoming an (open) knowledge centre. Instructor-researchers will more often take on the role of learning and research coach. The work field also keeps on changing, both in terms of technique and thematically.

The Fontys ICT professionals of today do not have all the answers ready. And we don’t expect them to. What they can do is pose the right questions and help students (and others) on the road towards finding the answers.

Fontys ICT wants to keep on developing. This can only be achieved if the staff stands behind it. Flexibility, entrepreneurial behaviour, research and coaching skills are more and more important. The development of students in the Open ICT Lab or Innovation Hub is fundamentally different than before.

The closer relationship with the work field and the flexibilization of the curriculum also demands more adaptability: working in shorter cycles, more collaboration with external professionals on current themes and tools, clearly converting theory into practice, etc. Every staff member has their own talents to supplement and inspire their colleagues. The art is to mobilise these talents and value them.

What next?
​​​​​​Besides the didactic skills, Fontys ICT will also invest in developing new knowledge and skills. This may include research in lectorates, business internships, projects with and for companies. Motivation and respect drives everything we do. Here, we obviously focus our attention on all staff members of Fontys ICT. We rely on a strong staff who are confident in their roles and openly welcome the future. We do this via Strengths Based Development, which means that we especially look at people’s strengths. Together, we will look for ways to optimally bring these to the forefront.

Project Manager
Bartosz Paszkowski
Bartosz Paszkowski