#2023 - Open Up

Fontys School of Information
and Communication Technology

Brings out the best in people and the environment

Quality from connection

The field of ICT is developing extremely rapidly. Whereas the world was in the past mainly automating existing processes, it’s now - driven by AI and machine learning - automating itself. In automotive, care, finance: ICT is a source of innovation in every industry. As an ICT trainer, we don’t have the luxury of resting on our laurels. We have to stay ahead of the game. That’s why the connection with the world around us is very important. We are rapidly evolving from an educator to a knowledge/innovation institute that maintains an intensive relationship with the professional field and society.

This is also reflected in our last ambition programme, Open Up. In addition to ambition themes that revolve around creating and maintaining a good foundation, such as Digital Excellence and Strengths Based Development, we’re increasingly promoting themes with values that focus outwards, such as: Global Acting, Innovation Hubs, Knowledge Transfer and Impact on Society. It’s important for our students and employees to ask themselves what their role is in the world, how they can contribute, and what is necessary for optimal preparation.

Today’s ICT education is different from when I was studying information technology. Whereas before you had to go through a mountain of basics first, students now get down to concrete work much faster. They use smart tools and methods to achieve results. Research - examined under the ambition theme R&D - occupies a prominent role in our education. Because doing research is an effective way to learn and understand software and hardware, and then use it to create tools or products that benefit the world.

These developments raised the question: Who are we as Fontys ICT? What is our purpose, now and in the future? And how do we fulfil this purpose as effectively as possible? Extensive attention was paid to this under the ambition theme Identity. We see ourselves as Drivers of Growth. We deploy today’s knowledge to contribute to the innovations and development of tomorrow’s agile ICT professionals.

Although we have a large and diverse community (90 nationalities), I am of the opinion that we shouldn’t do this alone. Quality arises from the connection, with the professional field, with societal organisations, with fellow colleges at home and abroad.

Connection is what the ambition programme brought us, throughout all layers of the organisation. Were great results achieved? Yes. Do we have plenty left to learn? Yes, developments force us to remain up to date and to keep appraising ourselves critically. I consider this method to be extremely valuable and am looking forward to the next ambition programme.

Director Fontys ICT
Frens Vonken