#2023 - Open Up

Fontys School of Information and Communication Technology

FHICT brings out the best in people and the environment

About Ambition plan

Vision: FHICT brings out the best in people and the environment

“We have concluded our last ambition plan. In that plan, we focused on creating and realising a Permanently Challenging Environment for students and colleagues. And it was a success! We were able to realise a dynamic learning and working environment wherein increasingly more students and also colleagues outline their own path of development, monitor their own progress and fulfil their own quest for knowledge particularly by working together, intervision and research.

Our efforts were crowned with an excellent accreditation and the professor of the year 2018. I am very proud of that, of course. The question is then: how can we do even better? There is always room for improvement. I am of the opinion, that trying to improve from the level we have achieved, is many times more challenging than from when we started, also from a point of excellence, six years ago.

From school to knowledge centre
The main thrust we will focus on now is the development of FHICT from an educational institution into a knowledge institution, or rather, a knowledge centre, which sounds more accessible. While we have mostly focused on elevating the processes ‘within’, it is now time to make more contact with the outside world: ‘Open Up’. We want to be the kind of environ- ment where talent grows and flourishes, where research leads to practical solutions for economic, technical and societal challenges. An environment that ICT professionals can visit at all times with questions only to leave with answers they need.

An environment in which companies, peer knowledge institutions can enjoy in collaborating with us on a regional, national and international level. To put it briefly, a dynamic ICT community that you really want join because there, you can always find: knowledge, insight and contacts.

When you use the words ‘Open Up’, accessibility will be vital.

It goes without saying that we have requirements and wishes for such an environment. When you use the words ‘Open Up’, accessibility will be vital. We want to connect our world with the world outside. This requires flexibility, working at a high ICT-technical level and inspiring your own environment with acquired insights and innovative ideas. It also requires a physical environment that is designed to bring people together. In this area, we have a lot to do. At the end of 2019 we will preside over a brand new multi-functional design building and a network of Partners in Innovation. We work with inspiring environments such as the Open ICT labs (our OIL pilot will have a successor) and this year, we will open our first ICT Innovation Hub on Strijp T: the Fontys ICT InnovationLab. We will also be going virtual. Under the ‘Digital Excellence’ theme, we will invest our ICT knowledge in creating virtual environments that support knowledge creation and sharing which will inspire others in showing them what is possible.

In the time ahead we will continue to expand our network of Partners in Education and Partners in Innovation - companies and organisations we collaborate with - in the Brainport and Midpoint regions. We are also broadening our national and international networks. We do this by entering into partnerships with knowledge institutions and companies from all over the world. This gives our students and colleagues the opportunity to gain experience in an intercultural context, a key competency in the ICT world of today and tomorrow.

The Future
When I look at the future, I only see growth. As a knowledge centre, the number of interactions with the outside world will only increase. It will bring more questions, more students, more research and more insights. Our permanently challenging environment will become even more challenging. Our work will be more actual, constantly checking theories in practice and ever increasingly working on social themes. This is what makes FHICT a wildly fascinating knowledge centre.”

Ad Vissers, Director Fontys School of Information and Communication Technology