#2023 - Open Up

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Drivers of Growth


Fontys ICT has ambition! It is with good reason that our identity is ‘Drivers of Growth’. We innovate professionally, educationally, and increasingly involve external parties in that. Businesses and institutions participate in education and research in all kinds of ways. We have developed ourselves well over the past five years and our ambition programme contributed to that greatly.

How did the ambition themes come about?

It starts with the accreditation. As a study programme, you undergo self-evaluation and a visitation for this. It produces valuable feedback about the organisation and the way it operates. The feedback was analysed with the core team. We held many discussions (internally and externally) about what is expected of Fontys ICT. Representatives from businesses, civil-society institutions, government and our Strategic Advisory Board participated in these discussions. And we also sought input from our lecturers, support staff and students. Where do they see opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses? How is the ICT market developing? What are we

doing well and what could be done better? This exploration resulted in a great deal of feedback. From it, eight ambition themes were identified, project managers were appointed, and theme teams were formed.

How did it go?

We have achieved a great deal, but also encountered the necessary challenges. During this period, we underwent reorganisation, sites were added and renovated, and we naturally had to deal with the impact of the Corona epidemic, for example. But persistence pays, we have given substance to our ambitions with perseverance and dedication. And now, five years later, we look back on the results that have been achieved with pride. You can read about it on this website.

Programme manager #2023 Open Up
Cees van Tilborg