#2023 - Open Up

Fontys School of Information and Communication Technology

FHICT brings out the best in people and the environment

Is Excellence the norm?


In 2018 we again received an excellent accreditation for our study program. A formidable performance! A result we have achieved with many years of hard and conscientious work. A result too, of which we can be very proud. Certainly if you realize that in those past years - in addition to all the activities in the field of quality improvement in research, curriculum and supporting processes - we have experienced several growing pains. Our education has grown enormously in the number of students and staff, but also in the degree of human proximity, internationalization, research drive and relationship with the world around us.

“Again excellent, you can not have more ambition, would you say? True, there is little to be said about excellence. At most, it’s time for a new level.”

In March our professor Big Data, Gerard Schouten, was proclaimed Lecturer of the Year 2018. This underlines our development towards a research-driven environment.

So we preform excellently and yet that is not a reason to stand still. The world around us is changing fast and strong. As a university of applied sciences, we want to make a meaningful contribution in the changing context. This also means: developing ourself constantly. In the coming years we will continue to work on our social position, image and role within and outside Fontys, both nationally and internationally. Innovators as we are, we will continue to build our institute in the coming years. That is also much more fun than standing still. The central principle is: ‘Open Up’, or the transition from educational institution to knowledge center.

On this website you can read more about the vision on FHICT knowledge center and the development themes that we have chosen.