#2023 - Open Up

Fontys School of Information
and Communication Technology

Brings out the best in people and the environment

Look to the future

As a higher education institution, we exist first and foremost to train young people to become skilled professionals who can make a meaningful contribution to the professional practice. That is our core mission. To do that well, we intensively involve the professional field in our education. The organisations we work with provide context, assignments, sparring opportunities, assessment and validation. This is of great value for the development of our students and lecturers.

Nevertheless, we also look an important step ahead. We not merely aim to serve professional practice, but to innovate it as well. We conduct research, develop knowledge, tools and working methods that advance other ICT professionals, in solving problems and developing new technologies. We are transforming into a knowledge institute. A place where value is created for society.

Fontys ICT now comprises a diverse community where people of no fewer than 90 nationalities come together and combine their perspectives to create surprising new insights, knowledge and products. With the growing importance of ICT in the world and the needs of the professional field in Brainport and Midpoint, our organisation will continue to grow.

Our challenge is to offer all the international talent that comes together and works together here, the space to develop and express that talent to the highest level. To forge a culture where you can experiment and pioneer to your heart’s content. A place where we join forces to provide answers to global societal issues through smart and social ICT solutions. Together, we create an impact.


We are Fontys ICT, Drivers of Growth.

New ambitions

The current #2023 Open Up ambition themes were deconstructed on 1 August. The results have been embedded into the organisation as much as possible. Where that is not the case, we will complete this in the next six months. How are we going to proceed? We are now considering how to develop a new ambition plan. There are plenty of ideas and wishes. The external visitation that will take place in November as part of accreditation is important in the development of a new ambition plan. The study days on 23 and 24 October play a role in this too.

  • Do you have an opinion?
  • What do you think Fontys ICT should devote more attention to?
  • What role could you play in that?
  • Contact us and let us know!